“A breathtaking pianist”
                                    - Howard Kissel/ New York Daily News
“A supremely gifted accompanist”
                                                       - K. Leander Williams/ TIme Out (NewYork)
“A wonderful pianist who can make any song sound pretty”
                                                                                               - Donald Bailey/ Jazz Now
“Ken Muir’s piano is subtle, expressive, spare - a sure touch that makes understatement a virtue, that values the spaces between notes ... an ideal accompanist .”
“[Muir’s] lush chords bring Bill Evans to mind.”
                                                                                - Lee Hildebrand/ Express
“Ken Muir’s playing and arrangements are in a league of their own.”
                                                                                         - John Hoglund/ Cabaret Hotline
“Spectacular arrangements by Ken Muir . . . Muir’s arrangements take familiar songs that risk being tired and make them sparkle.”
 - Ed Trefzger/ Yellow Dog Report
“Jewel like solos.  Ken Muir’s arrangements [are] often a revelation.
 - Andrew GIlbert/ San Jose Mercury News
                      - Arthur Lazere/ Culturevulture.net
“What a gorgeous arrangement [of Blues in the Night] by Ken Muir...”
                                                                                          - Margo Jefferson (of the New York Times)
“Paula West is the product of a perfect marriage with the ultimate pianist and arranger, Ken Muir, just as Ella Fitzgerald owed a great deal to Ellis Larkins and Paul Smith.”
- Flavio Pinheiro/ no.com.br (Brazil)


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